NextVenture offers a range of services to assist your organisation in the process of qualifying, starting and growing a new international market.  


You are the expert on your product and services in their current marketplace; we are experts opening new international markets for your products, helping you replicate your success in a new environment, generating a new revenue stream for your business.


This might resonate with you... 


  • You believe your business can scale well internationally but you are not sure where to start

  • You want to determine the Risks and Rewards before you make the decision to go ahead

  • You need to know if your products/services will be successful in a new market before you start 

  • You do not want to make any expensive mistakes and you do not want to waste your time



NextVenture can help your company through the journey every step of the way.  The services we offer are designed to help your organisation at any stage of the journey. 

Market Mapping

Research, Networking, 
Industry Benchmarking, Identify Threats, Market
Size Estimation

Market mapping uncovers your prospect marketplace by identifying competitive products, their historical performance as well as their market strategy. We establish your competitor's point of difference, pricing, target market and supply arrangements.  We identify influencing factors in your new market, sales triggers as well as seasonal fluctuations.  Is your product the first of its kind ? No problem, we research and evaluate suitable market gaps and estimate best and worst case market sizes for your consideration.


Product Validation

Research, Benchmarking,
Local Product Approvals,
Product Trials/Demos

Your product has succeeded in its current markets; does that guarantee success in a different context?  Not always... Cultural, geographical, climate, financial and demographic differences can surely affect the success of your product in a new market.  A firm understanding of your product or service expected performance is key to de-risk venturing into a new market; determining what external factors can affect sales in a new market will save you unpleasant surprises.  Your product Point-of-Difference and its Value Proposition in its new context has to be discerned before going any further.


Go-To-Market Strategy

Research, Marketing,
Contract Manufacturing, Licensing, Distribution

Having gained a more intimate understanding of your new marketplace allows us to confirm your product's Target Market as well as conceive the best Strategy to access it effectively.  A robust Strategy should be able to evolve and adjust without steering too far off its original intent.  Tuning the market strategy to your budget and expectations is key moving forward.  This is a collaborative phase of the project where 100% commitment is required by all stakeholders.


Identify and Engage Partners

Networking, IPP, 
Contractural Framework, Negotiation

Finding established partners with an existing market share can save your organisation time and money.  However, choosing the right one can make or break your journey into a new market.  We are experienced finding and engaging with trusted international partners eager to make your product succeed.  We do this while keeping your product protected and liabilities at bay by brokering all contractual and Intellectual Property Protection frameworks necessary to safely enter a new market.


Drive Your International

Distributor Management, Social Media Marketing,  Conferences and Trade Shows

As all the groundwork has been completed to establish a presence in a New International Market, the journey of driving this sales region to its full potential has only started.  We can assist you managing contract manufacturers, licensees or distribution channels; we can help propagate your initiatives to similar neighbouring markets leveraging off your existing operations. We also have a nimble Social Media arm which can boost your product awareness accelerating growth of your new revenue stream.