"NextVenture was born from the passion of taking great New Zealand products and services to the rest of the world..."



Our proven methodology is the product of years of experience taking unique technology products into foreign markets.   Ideally your company has established a product or service successfully in the local market and are planning the next big move.

Although we have conducted business successfully in many OECD countries, we are Emerging Market specialists where cultural and language barriers can be particularly challenging to overcome and the marketplace can be difficult to read.  

                               Armando Morles                               Founder, Director


                           Armando Morles
                             Founder, Director

"An International Market Development Partner broadly experienced analysing and understanding marketplace demands to soundly conceive and implement bespoke sales strategies. Utilises outstanding communication skills, including fluency in Spanish to establish strong relationships with businesses, key stakeholders, customers and colleagues locally and internationally. Experienced managing cross-functional teams, negotiates contracts, investigates and establishes future business partners through desktop research and networking. Driven by challenges with excellent problem-solving abilities and a friendly and approachable manner."


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Armando has played a key role building our international distribution channels especially in Latin America and S.E Asia. He has gained a detailed understanding of the marketplace for each country which proved valuable for picking the right strategy, partners and timing to service remote international regions. He combines technical analytical thinking with astute commercial know-how while having a natural ability engaging with key stakeholders including: strategic partners, end customers, ministries, licence manufacturers and industry associations.
— Leigh Brown, General Manager at Valmont Highway Technology
Armando is a talented and dedicated professional. He was very valuable in supporting the highway business strategic development and managing key partnerships in a global market. He is a valued employee dedicated to self-improvement and achieving company objectives.
— Todd Barth, President Americas at Valmont Industries
NextVenture has been invaluable at driving our move further into Latin-America, I would not feel comfortable embarking this journey without Armando’s guidance and ability to establish strong connections in the industry
— David Barrera, Managing Director at Roadtek S.A. de C.V.